The Concept Behind This Blog



WHY do so many people I know and who love music never read music magazines and do not know where to go to get the music they want to hear or discover?

So many I have met had given up but were still happy to write down a few names they were given at a dinner, just trusting my recommendations on the basis of the passion I was putting into telling them about this or that album/artist. 

It doesn’t matter whether or not I have met or interviewed the artist, or if an album is fashionable; they just want to hear something more personal, more in touch with them away from the hype, a possible pearl overlooked by the media or hidden in the piles of complacent or misleading publications about music releases. 

Even with a long experience of reading between the lines of music magazines, so often you end up with an album that has not much in common with the promises made by music journalists and their trendy unintelligible verbiage. This is what has brought me to writing this blog.

I am still shocked and feel sick knowing that so many great albums are still unknown by people who have developed tastes for music, but who don’t have enough time to get the right stuff. 

I have tried to contribute modestly to improve that with my closest entourage and wish now, mostly encouraged by those people who have appreciated my recommendations, to share with a larger number thanks to this blog.  

My ambition is not to review the largest number of albums and tell my opinion about each of them. In this blog I only want to pick the albums that I think are fundamental, recent or old, and just hope that by explaining why they are so special to me, a larger number of people will get “contaminated” and play them. 


Please help my cause and pass this link to as many friends you can who are interested in music. 
In this blog I will not speak the music industry language and the only bias will be the preferences of my taste.  
Etienne Zimmerman



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